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Mission Statement

We foster healthy communities by providing medical, supportive and behavioral services to individuals and families in Western New York, especially those in marginalized populations and/or challenged by chronic or life threatening diseases.


Founded as AIDS Community Services in 1983, the Evergreen Association historically addressed the crisis generated by HIV/AIDS and other sexually-related infections in WNY.  As many of these illnesses have responded successfully to medical therapy, the Association has developed a wide range of life-enhancing services to support the ability of our clients to lead healthy, secure and satisfying lives as members of the regional community. 

Today, Evergreen has grown to support the entire community. Increasingly, we work with underserved and/or stigmatized individuals dealing with multiple chronic diseases such as HIV/AIDS, diabetes and heart disease, mental health challenges and substance abuse; as well as with a variety of sexual minorities, many whom are inadequately treated by mainstream providers.


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