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The Director of Care Coordination and Outreach Services is responsible for coordinating the provision of care coordination for Health Home Services and providing direct oversight of the Health Home Outreach and Engagement program. They also assist with the development of Health Home policies and procedures for care coordination services. The Director of Care Coordination and Outreach Services oversees the Outreach and Engagement Program, assisting staff with to locating individuals who are in need of health home services, and the Care Coordination programs, assisting care coordinators in achieving the following outcomes: Reduce utilization associated with avoidable and preventable inpatient stays; reduce utilization associated with avoidable emergency room visits; improve outcomes for persons with mental health illness and/or substance use disorders; and improve disease-related care for chronic conditions.

As part of the Essential Functions for this role, the Director of Care Coordination and Outreach Services :

· Coordinates care coordination services for the Health Home program

· Develops and implements quality assurance activities including chart review and client survey data for the Health Home program

· Conducts monthly 1:1 case specific supervision with staff; Hires, fires and supervises direct reports

· Reviews and processes completed intakes

· Maintains and analyzes statistical and claims data for the Health Home program, including monthly billing review and approval of billable activities

· Ensures written policies and procedures for the Health Home program are being implemented

· Facilitates and participates in case conferences

· Community referral assignment, including screening for Health Home eligibility

· Assigns and manages New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) and Managed Care Organization (MCO) outreach assignment lists

· Assists in the implementation of an on-going training program for Care Coordinators and Outreach and Engagement Specialists

Qualified Candidate will have a Bachelor’s degree in human services and two (2) years of qualifying* professional experience. Qualifying* experience equals professional case management or care coordination experience with the following populations:  persons with a chronic illness, and/or persons with a history of mental illness, homelessness, or chemical dependence. Two (2) years of experience in supervisor or management role (preferred). Experience developing and implementing direct client services and case management services highly preferred. Excellent written and verbal communication skills, ability to work independently and sensitivity to HIV/AIDS, LGBTQ and lifestyle issues required. Candidate must have a valid NYS Driver’s License and an insured, dependable car.

Job Type: Full-time

Required education: Bachelor’s

Required experience: Care Coordination/Case Management; Working with clients experiencing chronic illness, homelessness, mental illness and/or chemical dependence; Management/Supervision

Additional requirements: Must have dependable, insured vehicle and NYS Driver’s License

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