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The Harm Reduction Counselor for Community Access Services for provides risk reduction programs and services to people at risk for HIV/STI/HCV infection/transmission, according to established protocols.

As part of the essential functions of this role, the Harm Reduction Counselor:

· Conducts assessments, HIV/Hepatitis C, and pregnancy testing including the provision of prevention education, and make referrals for individuals seeking healthcare services

· Follows-up on referrals to testing and engages high-risk clients in appropriate services such as risk reduction counseling, prevention education groups, mental health services, or substance use treatment

· Conducts ongoing one-on-one risk reduction counseling with individuals engaged in high-risk behaviors

· Facilitates prevention education and risk reduction groups

· Conducts outreach to promote testing and prevention services to members of the community in collaboration with the Community Access Services team

· Maintains complete and accurate client and program files in compliance with confidentiality policies and grant requirements; enters data into electronic reporting systems

· Collaborates with the Community Access Services’ team to plan, implement and evaluate awareness-raising events in the community and publicity materials

· Maintains consistent relationships with current and potential community providers through outreach and coordination to execute service delivery

· Cultivates professional relationships with individuals and agencies in the community to facilitate referrals and create seamless client services

Qualified Candidate will have Bachelor’s degree in Health and Human Services or related field and one (1) year of related professional experience working in HIV/AIDS or health/social services; OR Associate’s degree in Health and Human Services or related field with two (2) years of related professional experience working in HIV/AIDS or health/social services OR equivalent combination of education and experience. Candidate must be able to communicate clearly and professionally in writing and verbally, demonstrate familiarity with computers and MS Office software (Outlook, Word) and effective time management and organization skills. Sensitivity to HIV/AIDS, addiction, cultural and LGBT issues essential. Candidate must possess valid NYS driver’s license and insured, dependable vehicle for use for work activities.

Job Type: Full-time

Required education: Bachelor (with 1 year experience) OR Associate (with 2 years experience)

Required experience: Working in HIV/AIDS, Health, Human Services or related field

Additional requirement: Valid NYS Driver’s License and licensed, insured vehicle

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