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The Housing Retention Counselor provides independent living and retention counseling services to individuals receiving regular monthly assistance from the Housing Assistance Program.  The services include independent living skills assessment, identification of barriers to maintaining housing and serving as the liaison to the care team for all matters that relate to housing needs. As part of the Essential Functions for this role, the Housing Retention Counselor:

· Assesses independent living skills and works with the client care team to develop and implement service plans that foster maximum client self-sufficiency

· Provides short-term situational counseling for clients in crisis

· Assists clients to secure services that maximize their tenure in housing; increase their ability to maintain their household and finances, independently perform activities of daily living, uphold the terms of their lease; prevent lease violations; intervene and mitigate crisis situations; maximize tenant safety and security; and prevent avoidable evictions

· Assesses and promotes ongoing linkage to medical and community supports; Collaborates with patient navigation program staff to ensure connections are maintained; Documents and reports on clients’ connection to HIV primary medical care on a quarterly basis

· Identifies and develops monthly expense checklist with clients to ensure essential housing costs are taken care of as necessary

Qualified Candidate will have a Bachelor’s degree in health, human or education services and one (1) year of qualifying experience*; OR Associates degree in health, human or education services and two (2) years of qualifying experience. * “Qualifying Experience” means experience working with the following populations: persons with a chronic illness, and/or persons with a history of mental illness, homelessness, or chemical dependence. Experience with families preferred. Must possess a valid NYS Driver’s License and an insured, dependable car to use for client service activities, including transporting clients when necessary. Sensitivity to HIV/AIDS, addiction and LGBT issues and ability to work effectively with people from diverse cultures and socioeconomic conditions essential.

Job Type: Full-time

Required education: Bachelor's (plus 1 year experience); OR Associate’s (plus 2 years experience)

Required experience: Experience working with persons with a chronic illness, and/or persons with a history of mental illness, homelessness, or chemical dependence

Additional requirement(s): Valid NYS driver’s license with a dependable vehicle (for client services activities)

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