Meet Katelyn

When you support Evergreen, you help families heal. 

My father died of AIDS-related illness, and, when I was 6, my family and I made a quilt panel in his memory. I remember working on it at Buff State, and creating a picture of myself for the quilt. About 16 years later, I met Evergreen’s Kate Gallivan, who told me that my dad’s quilt was displayed at Evergreen (then AIDS Community Services). For the first time since I was 6, I saw my dad’s quilt panel; it was amazing. I knew that I wanted to help raise awareness of AIDS and volunteer, so I signed up for my 1st AIDS Walk at the Pepsi Center. Since then, my team has grown bigger every year, and I'm proud to say that we have been the top fundraising friends and family team for many years.

 AIDS Walk has impacted my life in many ways. Because my dad died when I was only 6, I wasn't able to fully deal with his passing. 


Participating in the Walk has helped me come to terms with losing him at a young age, and share my story with others—inspiring them, and letting them know that they’re not alone and that we can fight this battle together. Without AIDS Walk, I wouldn't be able to raise as much awareness about HIV and AIDS. I feel that I have touched many lives with my story and perseverance. 

Community support for AIDS Walk is HUGE! There is still so much stigma that comes with HIV and AIDS, and so many young people are unaware of the illness’s severity. I think it's an amazing thing to see so many people from different walks of life come together, and join forces against one disease. We inspire and support one another, all while getting an important message across.

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