Meet Randy

I was living with my sister. Out of nowhere, she told me that she was going to move everyone out of the house, and I became homeless. I slept under a bridge for the first time, and was living on the streets. I was caught up in my own world, and I did not want anyone to know I was homeless. I used to look at people, and wonder how they could live on the streets—but, then it happened to me. That was the worst place you could imagine. It can happen to anyone—you or me. My situation led me to start using drugs. It became hard to find a place to stay because I was addicted, and it got harder and harder each day.

My counselor told me about the housing program that was just starting, and thought it would give me a place to call my own. I was always trying to find a place to stay. I was fortunate enough to have some people that would let me stay on their couches. I had no money to save up for an apartment. Once the program started, I eventually found my home.

Evergreen has given me positive feelings. I now know what I am doing when I wake up in the morning. I can now wear clean clothes. They’ve fixed any problems with my housing. If I hadn’t found Evergreen, I honestly do not know where I would be. They have given me a nice new life, a clean mind to think with, and a positive attitude. For my future, I see goals that I can and will reach. I see myself working at a nice job. I see myself dealing with people in a positive way, which I did not do before.

Today, I am living in the place of my dreams! When I first got the apartment, it was too good to be true. I thought it was a dream the first few nights I was there. I thought I would wake up, and it wouldn’t be there. I am in a place where I am secure, comfortable, and have the things that I need. I am very happy in my life today and my housing situation. Everything has gotten so much better. I’ve cleaned up my life, and I am on to bigger and better things; I owe that to Evergreen. I could not see myself being this far. Who would have thought that this would have helped me to get back to school? I look forward to each and every day now. I would highly advise people to be part of this program that has helped me.  

Without Evergreen, I would probably be in some type of institution, walking around downtown, or even dead. Especially the way I was going. Everyone should know about Evergreen; come here first, and see what they can offer you. Evergreen is truly a good place to be. I wish everyone knew that they can help you get off the streets, and give you a roof over your head.


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