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Evergreen is pleased to offer a convenient, full-service pharmacy located just downstairs from our primary care practice. Most prescriptions are filled within just 10 minutes, which makes going to the doctor and getting the medicine you need fast and easy - just as it should be.

The benefits of the Pharmacy at Evergreen include:

  • no long lines
  • a private consultation room
  • free home delivery
  • all insurance accepted
  • friendly and attentive staff

The Pharmacy at Evergreen is designed to meet all the complex medicinal needs of individuals and families - especially those challenged by chronic illness. Our phamacists and technicians proactively and efficiently manage your prescriptions.

Patients of our Medical Group can have their prescriptions filled on-site, in most cases before you're finished with your appointment.

The Pharmacy at Evergreen is open Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm, with extended hours on Tuesday from 9am-7pm
(t) 716.541.0656 (f)716.541.0661
If you have a medical emergency, immediately dial 911