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The Anal Health Program at Evergreen Medical Group provides screening and treatment to individuals at risk of developing anal cancer or who have other common complaints such as anal warts, rectal itching, anal pain, fissures, infection and/or discharge.

Our services include:

  • anal pap smear screening
  • high-resolution anoscopy
  • infrared photocoagulation
  • treatment for genital warts
  • ongoing monitoring for disease
  • HPV vaccination

Who should be screened?

  • all men and women living with HIV/AIDS
  • anyone with a history of abnormal anal pap smear or biopsy
  • anyone with current or past history of genital warts
  • gay and bisexual men, regardless of being a "top" or "bottom"
  • women with a history of abnormal cervical pap smear or dysplasia of the cervix, vulva or vagina
  • anyone with a chronically suppressed immune system
  • those with chronic anal irritation or other anal complaints


Unfortunately, most individuals do not experience any signs or symptoms of anal disease to alert them that anything is wrong, and often go undiagnosed until anal cancer or severe disease develops. It is important to talk to a knowledgable provider who can assess your risk factors and overall anal health.

Preventing Anal Cancer

In most cases, early detection can prevent the development of anal cancer. All procedures are performed with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment in our offices and are quick, painless and confidential.

If you are concerned about your risk, please bring it to the attention of your doctor or call us at (716) 847-2441.

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