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Did you know that you can protect yourself from HIV with pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP)? Those who do not have HIV, but are at risk of getting it, can take a daily pill  to prevent HIV infection. When taken consistently, as prescibed, PrEP has been shown to reduce the risk of HIV infection by up to 99%. 

► Who can benefit most from PrEP?

  • those who are HIV-negative and concerned about exposure to HIV through sex or injection drug use
  • those who are HIV-negative and in a realtionship with someone who is HIV-postive

Individuals are screened to see if PrEP is the right choice for them. Those who qualify will be given a prescription to start taking the medication.

PrEP patients must be regularly screened - at least every three months (90 days) - for follow-up services that involve blood tests, HIV screening, and assessment of side effects (which are typically minor and not experienced by most people).

► Is PrEP Safe?

Many people who have taken Truvada (PrEP) have reported little to no significant side effects, but every person is different. A provider who is experienced with PrEP will talk to you about potential side effects and any questions you may have.

► How much does PrEP cost?

Medicaid and most insurance plans currently include coverage for PrEP, you would be responsible for your co-pay. We can check with your insurance company to help determine how much a monthly perscription would cost you (and in many cases we can waive the co-pay).

Contact Evergreen Health Services (or your doctor) to learn more about PrEP and find out if it's right for you.

► Where can you learn more about PrEP?

To learn more about PrEP, access a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs), and watch a video about how PrEP works to stop HIV transmission, visit

To talk to one of our PrEP specialists, call our PrEP hotline at (716) 541-0676 or to schedule an appointment to see if PrEP is right for you, call our medical group at (716) 847-2441.

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