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Linkage to Treatment and Other Services

The Harm Reduction Center has staff dedicated to linking you with services to help you achieve your personal goals for health and well-being. Our professional, non-judgmental staff will work with you to create an action plan and link you with services within Evergreen Health or other agencies in Western New York, such as:

  • Medication Assisted Treatment [buprenorphine (aka, Suboxone), methodone, vivitrol]
  • Inpatient Detox and Rehab
  • Long-term residential services & transitional housing
  • Outpatient Counseling
  • Alcohol treatment
  • Mental Health services 
  • Medical/Health 
  • STI Screening
Linkage services are completely confidential and free of charge.  Assistance with insurance is available, when required for treatment or other health services.
No appointment is neccessary.

Overdose Follow-up and Prevention
Have you or someone you loved experienced an overdose?  Staff are available to discuss the consequences of overdose and strategies to avoid future overdoses, and to make linkages to treatment or other services.

The Evergreen Exchange Workshop

Informal monthly workshops for Syringe Exchange participants. Discussion topics include Harm Reduction, safe injection, and issues that drug users face. 

  • 3rd Wednesday of each month at 1:00pm; Harm Reduction Center at 206 S. Elmwood Ave.

When you're ready, we're here. (716) 847-2441