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What is Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)?
MAT is the use of medications to help clients reduce or eliminate their use of substances and alcohol. These medical treatments are offered as a valuable addition to Evergreen’s established counseling and behavioral therapy programs for patients struggling with substance use. 
  • Individuals who use substances,  want to stop using or reduce their use AND have an interest in discussing medical treatment options
  • Individuals who have a mental health diagnosis can be treated simultaneously for both psychiatric and substance use by the same providers
When considering MAT, each new client will be seen by members of Evergreen’s substance use health team. This includes counseling staff, trained nurse specialists, physician assistants and a psychiatrist/addiction specialist. These professionals work together to help each new client  find a treatment option that fits their individual needs. 
The information from the medical evaluation, in addition to the person’s current circumstances and possible risk factors, will be used to determine which treatment options are safe and likely to be effective for that individual. In some cases MAT may not be the best course of action based on a person’s unique situation and history. This would not exclude that person from continuing to utilize counseling services, care coordination and other related services offered at Evergreen. 
Fast Service
Clients can be seen within a few days to receive their evaluation. In particular, people who use opiates and heroin can often be seen the day they come in. This is called Rapid Access MAT.
Accepting Clients
Evergreen’s MAT program is accepting clients from the community, as well as internal referrals. There is no waiting list. Clients can also speak to the receptionist at the 4th floor front desk for more details.