Substance Use Counseling

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Evergreen’s Substance Use Counseling helps people who use substances and are ready to try a more structured treatment approach. 
Substance Use Counseling is for people who
  • Are currently using substances (alcohol/tobacco/opioids) 
  • Haven't had success in abstinence-based programs
Evergreen offers individual and group counseling, psychiatry and medication assisted treatment. 
Our friendly counselors help people: 
  • Set goals and make a plan 
  • Learn how to use more safely
  • Learn about additional programs and services that can help 
  • Learn about Medication Assisted Treatment 
Participants must be 18 or older, receive a referral from a provider and attend counseling on a regular basis. Insurance is also needed to participate. If someone doesn’t have insurance, Evergreen will help them get signed up.
No appointment needed, walk-ins are welcome.